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What does A New Brand of Beauty mean?

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

It means that I'm bloody exhausted with marginalized definitions of beauty.

We are more than just our physical selves! We are our brains, our thoughts, our spirituality, and our hearts. We are an incredible package of beauty, wisdom, intelligence, humour, kindness and absolute magic, so why are we not valuing ourselves and seem to only feel we are worth it or good enough because of our physical selves?

Why do we only seem to “matter” if we are hot, sexy and have a million plus dollars or followers?

Why is it that the “not-so-hot” woman that devotes her life to a cause can’t be considered beautiful? Or the woman that dedicates her life to astrophysics can’t be considered sexy?

Well, that’s because we have limited vocabulary, so women that truly have value and are a “full package,” so to speak, can’t fit into our societal definitions of what a beautiful or sexy woman is supposed to be.

It's tiring to see such talented women out there agonizing about not fitting into this useless mold.

Take for example Bebe Rexha who was denied being dressed for the Grammy's because she's a size 8!! Are you fucking kidding me? She is more than the size of her body people!!@#@! (i'm losing my shit here...)

This young lady is a talented song writer. Did you know that she has written songs for Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Iggy Azalea to name a few. She is a songwriter, performer and curator of her public persona. Based on interviews I've seen clearly she has soul, brains, heart AND a is a good looking young woman. She looks the way she looks because she's conforming to a societal expectation of what's hot in our pop-culture. So why are people judging her so harshly because of her body? She is clearly more than just her body.

So, I beg to ask you people of our pop culture world; can we please focus on something MORE THAN just the physical body?!

Thus, a new brand of beauty is born.

This brand of beauty is a woman that is beautiful BECAUSE she is intelligent, BECAUSE she has a heart + is smart, BECAUSE she is soulful + intuitive, BECAUSE she takes care of her body. This woman has her own philosophies she lives by thus making her philosophically sexy = philosoxy (fi – LAH – suk – see).

This is a new PHx.

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