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Yay!! The fact you're here gives me reason to believe you are curious about living a PHx'd life. 
Simply put, Philosoxy is enhancing and adding to our current definitions of what "beautiful and sexy" are by valuing our internal aspects of who we are. As you read in the "About" we can not feel good enough if we are only finding our worth or being valued by ONE aspect of who we are; our bodies.
Despite our lovely and trending "self-help" movement that is happening at this moment, it will be for naught if we are still trying to fit in, and measure ourselves up to the simple and marginal expectations that we have of beauty - this is what we consciously or unconsciously try to fit into.
Philosoxy wants you to aspire to fit into a new brand of beautiful - a complete, whole brilliant kind, the kind you already are simply by the fact you were born.
Philosoxy is a movement, a revolution, an evolution of the idea of what we consider beautiful by considering the whole of who we are. The sum of all parts - that is PHx.
Philosoxy is a sexy philosophy to teach you how to navigate life with this lens, I call it the PHx Way. I encourage you to live with and through all aspects of who you are not just focusing on one. 
Let's feel "good enough" together. Let's laugh, cry, reflect, contemplate, party, dance, and dissect this motha' friggin life so that we can live joyfully, peacefully,  and in a balanced way. Let's begin this journey together!
You can start by downloading the free PHx Way and also find some answers to some questions. If you have more, please email me.  I love you.  I want nothing more than for you to be happy and to feel valued.   ♥ xo A.

Let's chat twice a month.

When you sign up you'll receive a FREE copy of The PHx Way - a few ideas on how to navigate your life PHx style.

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