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Yay!! The fact you're here gives me reason to believe you are curious about living a PHx'd life. 
Simply put, Philosoxy is enhancing and adding to our current definitions of what "beautiful and sexy" are by valuing our internal aspects of who we are. As you read in the "About" we can not feel good enough if we are only finding our worth or being valued by ONE aspect of who we are; our bodies.
Despite our lovely and trending "self-help" movement that is happening at this moment, it will be for naught if we are still trying to fit in, and measure ourselves up to the simple and marginal expectations that we have of beauty - this is what we consciously or unconsciously try to fit into.
Philosoxy wants you to aspire to fit into a new brand of beautiful - a complete, whole brilliant kind, the kind you already are simply by the fact you were born.
Philosoxy is a movement, a revolution, an evolution of the idea of what we consider beautiful by considering the whole of who we are. The sum of all parts - that is PHx.
Philosoxy is a sexy philosophy to teach you how to navigate life with this lens, I call it the PHx Way. I encourage you to live with and through all aspects of who you are not just focusing on one. 
Let's feel "good enough" together. Let's laugh, cry, reflect, contemplate, party, dance, and dissect this motha' friggin life so that we can live joyfully, peacefully,  and in a balanced way. Let's begin this journey together!
You can start by downloading the free PHx Way and also find some answers to some questions. If you have more, please email me.  I love you.  I want nothing more than for you to be happy and to feel valued.   ♥ xo A.

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Frequently asked questions

What is it?

Philosoxy is a new brand of beauty. When one is tired of the marginalized definition of beauty and one realizes that no one you know actually fits into our modern-day standards of beauty no matter how much we are told to "believe in ourselves," one does what any frustrated, tired of fitting in, "my-own-kind-of-gorgeous" woman does: I created a new brand of beauty. For more on the about of it all, go to the About page.

How do you say it?

Since the word is part of the word philosophy and part of the word sexy, you say it like this: fi - LAH - suck - see. fi - LAH - suk - see You take the first 3 syllables of phi-lo-so-phy and the last syllable of se- xy. The abbreviation is PHx pronounced fix. It can be a fix as in fixing something, a fixation, or you can play around with the capitalization of the words to look like a PhD - a PHx on life or like a prescription (Rx) - PHx on life. It's up to you to do as you please.

Who am I to have started a crazy thing like this?

Who am I NOT to have started a crazy thing like this, is the better question. I am not 5'10, 108 lbs, size D boobs, wrinkle-free face, filled up lips, perfectly thick hair, mega millions in the bank, 118 million followers, and men falling at my feet. In fact, I would say I am slightly the opposite. My advantage is that I don't ache for any of those things that are "supposed" to make me happy. I am happy with what, who, where, how, and when I am. I am me. I am absolutely content and at peace with who I am because I adopted this PHx Way of life. It's beautiful because I work with what I've got instead of trying to be someone else, and there is great wonder to this. I found peace not being perfect and you can too. So to answer your question; I am someone who believes you are better than what we, as women, are expected to be. There are very shallow and marginal lines defining who we "should' be in order to feel worthy and I think it's bullshit. I also think we need to make mistakes. We take ourselves far too seriously in order to fit perfectly into the model of what we are supposed to act and look like. I've started this crazy idea because I've had enough. I want you to shine the way YOU are supposed to shine...not shining the way someone else shines. We are multi-dimensional people, you should feel worthy and you should glow simply because you breathe and you are alive.

Who is PHx'd?

Anyone can be. In fact, it's our natural state to be Philosoxy. We are all born with a brain, with a heart, with a soul, and with a body. Sadly though, in life we are taught to focus on and define our sense of worth based on our bodies, what you look like, what kind of car you drive, the size of your house, the job you have..etc. When in fact, if we base our self-worth on the depth of our wisdom (we all have it), the use of our brain (we all also have one), the kindness in our heart (we all ABSOLUTELY have this) and lastly our outside world, we would live a much more balanced and happy life.

Do you hate material things?

Of course I don't! This is such a funny question I was asked once. No! I absolutely do not hate material things. In fact, I love material things. I just don't let them become my reason for being. It's quite simple really, when you place your happiness on something that will inevitably end, go away or transform, your happiness will automatically disappear when that thing goes away. For example: your beauty. If all your self-worth is invested into a face without a wrinkle, what do you suppose will happen to your self-worth and happiness the day you get one? Basically, you will lose your shit. Then you will spend the rest of your days trying to relive your happiness by botoxing, filling, scraping, and masking your face.

Do you think putting time and effort into the way you look is crap?

God, I love this question! Of course not, I think it's essential. It's part of being philosoxy. Your physical body is your presentation card to the world. And let's be real, the world will always judge you on your physical self. Since we can't change the world and human behaviour, let's work on ourselves first. Your presentation card is important because it gives a synopsis to others as to what your tastes are and how you choose to present yourself to the world. A lot can be read from this (not judged but read). So, present yourself to the world how you would like to be seen.

Is this a religious site?

No it's not. I refer to the soul, wisdom, intuition, God, all-that-is, universe and life force often but never in a religious tone. I respect religions and how they can positively steer people but it's not my business to make a religious person out of you. I believe we all come equipped into this world with the gentlest, most brilliant souls that speak to us incessantly but we are not taught to listen or trust it. When we finally do listen and trust this voice, life opens up and you really begin to live a fully plugged-in, vibrant life.

I still don't get it.

Basically, you know how people always say, "love the skin you're in," or "beauty on the inside," or "be fierce" or "be empowered," have you ever wondered "how the heck do I do that?" How do you achieve peace? How do you become beautiful on the inside? How do you not care what people think or say about you? Here is a perfect example through a beautiful quote from a fellow Latina Instagram Influencer: Dulce Candy. I had no idea of her but a young friend of mine told me about her and her positive influence on young women. Here's a quote from her website: "If anyone reading this right now struggles with self-esteem, self-confidence and self-acceptance, know that you WILL come out the other end. Work on yourself everyday, little by little and one day you'll wake up and realize that you've always been enough, just as you are." Well, Philosoxy teaches you how to "work on yourself." Getting to this place of self-acceptance, tolerance, confidence and pure self-love is not easy if you intend on doing it on your own. It takes practice and it also takes finding and using personal tools that are not always visible in our lives. Philosoxy will give you all of these tools for "working on yourself' and genuinely finding your self-love, and self-acceptance and confidence.

How will this website work?

Well for starters, I won't be posting videos of myself applying various kinds of make-up. I leave that to the expert beauty bloggers and influencers. I wont' blog on this site. I will only use this site as a tool to explain what Philosoxy is and to send you a weekly "check-in" if you choose to sign up. If you do sign up, you will also receive "The PHx Way;" a free pdf to introduce you to this way of navigating life. I will also comment on what is trending and how it relates to being PHx'd. I will guide you and give you tools for navigating life the PHx Way. I will teach you how to work on yourself to achieve that vague, elusive and very popular phrase "beauty on the inside." I will only ever do what feels right, pure, honest and I will only do this with integrity. I will share what has worked for me and you can decide whether or not that particular tool is useful for you. Afterall, never ever doubt, that you are the expert on you. You are my priority. I want for you to be PHx'd and happy. I want for you to feel good enough about yourself and to have the knowingness coming from deep inside of you, NOT from your external world validating you. My intention is also to spotlight what is a PHx woman, who is a PHx woman, why, when, and where. We have so many false role-models out there so I will scour the planet and showcase role-models that actually add value to your lives.